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Becker, Denise Family and Consumer Education web page 1541 denise.becker
Becker, James Theology web page 2085 james.becker
Bilitz, Matt Director of Mission Advancement   2015 matt.bilitz
Bloomquist, Brent Commons Supervisor and School Bookstore Manager 1214 brent.bloomquist
Bond, Marilyn Art web page 1392
Bowe, Keith Theology - Department Coordinator web page 2084 keith.bowe
Braun, Beverly English web page 1173 bev.braun
Bremer, Skip (Steven) Director of Guidance and Counseling web page 2353 skip.bremer
Cockroft, Deneice Attendance   2042 N/A
Dahlke, Wendy Viking Cafe - TAHER   1561 wendy.dahlke
DeNoyer, Kirk Assistant Principal   2303 kirk.denoyer
Elertson, Olya Foreign Language web page 1102 olya.elertson
Festerling, Miriam Guidance web page 2355 mimi.festerling
Festerling, Roger Science web page 2222 roger.festerling
Fink, Randy Director of Operations   2023 randy.fink
Filter, Karen Reception   2000 karen.filter
Fisher, Ken President   2014 ken.fisher
Flanagan, Marjorie Choral - Fine Arts Department Coordinator web page 2373 marjorie.flanagan
Gawrisch, Wendy Administration Assistant   2009 wendy.gawrisch
Gerlach, Andrew Foreign Language and Theology web page 1103 andrew.gerlach
Glaze, Shane Hall Monitor   N/A N/A
Goede, Amy English web page 1179 amy.goede
Goede, Jason Business Education -
Dept. Coordinator
web page 1043 jason.goede
Goede, Ned Administration - Principal web page 2006 ned.goede
Goede, Shelley Printing 1181 shelley.goede
Goldschmidt, April Director of International Student Program and International Admissions 2192 april.goldschmidt
Gosch, Andre Physical Education web page 2201 andre.gosch
Gottschalk, Brian Math - Department Coordinator web page 1325 brian.gottschalk
Greschner, Al Science web page 2241 al.greschner
Greschner, Lori English web page 1171 lori.greschner
Grzanna, Christine English web page 1142 chris.grzanna
Haakenson, Cary Trade and Technology Education web page 1501 cary.haakenson
Haakenson, Dinah Director of Library Media Services   2301 dinah.haakenson
Hahm, JamesĀ  Practical Arts - Department Coordinator web page 1491 james.hahm
Hennen, Jennifer Math Department web page 1324 jen.hennen
Hopf, Bret Assistant Principal 2003 bret.hopf
Hohenstein, Angela Instrumental Music Instructor web page 1413 angela.hohenstein
Johnson Controls, Inc Maintenance/Custodial   1201 N/A
Johnson, Jim Mission Advancement - Chief Development Officer   2017 jim.johnson
Kant, Sue Business Office - Accounting Specialist   2022 sue.kant
Kargus, Kathy Administration Assistant   2008 kathy.kargus
Kilchenmann, Karen Foreign Language web page 1104 karen.kilchenmann
Kleist, Jim Executive Director of WLHS Foundation   2005 jim.kleist
Kneser, Sharon Reception   2000 sharon.kneser
Krause, Carol English and Foreign Language - Dept. Coordinator web page 1177 carol.krause
Kren, David Science web page 2223 david.kren
Kren, Marcie Science web page 2261 marcie.kren
Kucera, Cindy Mission Advancement and Event Associate 2016 cindy.kucera
Lambrecht, Polly Library Assistant   2317 polly.lambrecht
Leverence, Mark Social Studies web page 1226 mark.leverence
Lippert, Karen Mary Elementary Band   1412 karen.lippert
Lueck, Eric Social Studies Social - Department Coordinator web page 1224 eric.lueck
Mattek, Joel Social Studies web page 1222 joel.mattek
Metzger, Joshua Extended Learning Center web page 2191 joshua.metzger
Meyer, Lisa Program Specialist   2032 lisa.meyer
Moore, Deborah Attendance   2041 debbie.moore
Nischke, Ann Assoc. Director of Mission Advancement   2012 ann.nischke
Parato, Nicki Printing   1181 nicki.parato
Petersen, Quinten Fine Arts - Director of Bands web page 1411 quinten.petersen
Plamann, William Science web page 1302 william.plamann
Proeber, Karen Guidance   2352 karen.proeber
Raabe, Nancy Mission Advancement Assistant   2016 nancy.raabe
Raasch, Rodney Security Officer   N/A N/A
Radue, Craig Science web page 1301 craig.radue
Raymond, Scott Teaching Assistant web page 1327 scott.raymond
Ricke, Mark Director of Enrollment/Theology web page 1223 mark.ricke
Ricke, Micah Director of Residential Life N/A micah.ricke
Robinson, Aaron Campus Pastor/Theology web page 2081 aaron.robinson
Roecker, Darrell Jr. Math Department web page 1321 darrell.roecker
Ross, Leanne Art and English Department web page 1061 leanne.ross
Sachs, Carolyn Director of Communications 2292 carolyn.sachs
Schaper, Blair Math Department web page 1326 blair.schaper
Schmal, Mary English web page 1176 mary.schmal
Schram, Gretchen Choral web page 2372 gretchen.schram
Schumacher, Denyse Assistant Director of Technology/ Director web page 2311 denyse.schumacher
Schumacher, Peter Guidance Counselor/AP Instructor web page 2354 pete.schumacher
Schwall, Andrew History / Phy. Ed web page 1225 andy.schwall
Sebald, Michael Science - Department Coordinator web page 2262 mike.sebald
Seeger, Joshua Theology web page 2086 josh.seeger
Seeger, Kurt Technology Director web page 2302 kurt.seeger
Sitz, Jeff Athletic Director   2007 jeff.sitz
Strand, Dawn Teaching Assistant   1041 dawn.strand
Tatge, Gil English web page 1175 gil.tatge
Tellier, April Family and Consumer Education web page 1545 april.tellier
Tesch, Barb Guidance   2357 barbara.tesch
Thierfelder, Tim Math Department web page 1323 tim.thierfelder
Thompson, Suzanne Business Office - Accounting Specialist   2021 suzanne.thompson
Tranberg, Tanya Foreign Language web page 1105 tanya.tranberg
Walz, Ryan Physical Education/Theology web page 2161 ryan.walz
Wetzel, Bradley Director of Admissions web page 1322 brad.wetzel
Whiteside, CL Director of Resource Center web page 2202 cl.whiteside
Zellmer, Steven Theology web page 2082 steve.zellmer
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