Traditionally class officers initiate the planning process of WLHS reunions, although any eager classmate may make the first move. He or she may request a reunion kit from Nancy Raabe at WLHS to learn more about reunion planning.
Most reunion committees allow one year for planning. Informal gatherings require less preparation. Talk to former classmates and ask for their help. In addition, a short notice may be printed in the Contact magazine to generate reunion committee members.
Once the committee members have been determined, a planning meeting should be held to brainstorm ideas and develop an initial plan. Continue meeting with the group on a regular basis until the date of your event.   
A reunion coordinator should be chosen to serve as the contact person for the class.  As plans are confirmed, please contact Nancy Raabe at WLHS so we may update your reunion information on the website and in the Contact magazine.    
The reunion committee is responsible for printing and mailing reunion invitations and reminder notices. Consider sending an initial “save the date” postcard or email approximately nine months prior to the date. Also, consider setting up a class reunion website. To get a class list contact Nancy Raabe at WLHS for a listing of your classmates and their current contact information. Mailing labels are also available upon request.
Most reunion committees include food, invitation, mailing, and miscellaneous expenses (i.e., entertainment, decorations, etc.) in the “ticket” price for the event.  A checking account should be established for reunion income to be deposited and expenses paid. As part of your reunion, you can include a tour of WLHS.
After the reunion, share a reunion summary (a short paragraph) and up to three photos from your event. This information may be emailed to Nancy Raabe or mailed to WLHS. Please send promptly (within six weeks of the event) so we may create a Reunion Recap newsletter for your classmates and mail shortly after your event.
Don’t see your reunion here?  Chances are your class needs a few people to form a reunion committee to get one started.
  1942 The Class of 1942 will be having their 72nd reunion celebration on September 18, 2014 at Luther Haven in Milwaukee, WI.  Watch your mail for more information or contact Wally Seefeldt at  
1944 Plans are underway for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the graduation of the LHS Class of 1944 on Monday, September 29, 2014 at Harwood Place in Wauwatosa, WI. Contact Aileen (Krueger) Mundstock at 414-571-0953 or
1946 The Class of 1946 will be celebrating its 68-year reunion on September 5,2014 at Alioto’s Restaurant in Wauwatosa, WI. Watch your mail for more information or contact Betty (Smalz) Biesterfeld at 262-780-9830 for more information.    
1949 65 years have passed since this class graduated from LHS and a celebration is being planned for either August or September of 2014. Contact Carol Nauertz at if you’d like more information.  
1964 SAVE THE DATE! The Class of 1964 will be celebrating its 50-year reunion on September 26, 2014 at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee. If you would like more information, please contact Kenn Kremer at 920-574-1444 or
1974 The 40-year reunion of the Class of 1974 is an anniversary to be celebrated. Contact Nancy Raabe at if you are interested in planning this event.  
1979 The Class of 1979 is having their 35-year reunion on August 16, 2014 at the Palm Garden Room at Turner Hall in Milwaukee, WI.  Invitations will be mailed soon or for more information contact Toni (Treu) Rulau at  
1989 2014 will be the 25-year anniversary of the graduation of the Class of 1989! If you would like to plan a reunion, please contact Nancy Raabe at
1999 The Class of 1999 is celebrating its 15-year reunion on July 19, 2014 at Burke's Irish Castle in Milwaukee, WI.  Watch your mail for more information or contact Betsy (Schwall) Larsen at  
2014 A 10-year reunion is being planned for September 27, 2014 at Great Lakes Distillery in Milwaukee, WI. For more information contact Stefanie Herbert at  

  1938 38reunion The class of 1938 has again received a blessing from the Lord, 73 years of togetherness. Six classmates and four guests joined us on June 14, 2011 at Harwood Place at 10:30am. After a table prayer by classmate, Robert Winkelmann, we enjoyed a luncheon which included a scrumptious dessert! Letters were read from classmates who were unable to attend. A moment of silence was given for our classmate Marguerite (Kroening) Pedersen who went home to the Lord on May 1, 2011. Her daughter, Harriet Pedersen, is now an Honorary member of our class for our reunions. Mark your calendar for June 14, 2012 for the next gathering of the Class of 1938. Watch the WLHS Contact and the LHSAGM magazine for the location.
    1942 The LHS class of 1942 held its annual gathering at Luther Haven on Thursday, September 20. Attending were six classmates, two spouses, and one guest. Class members described changes in their lives in the past few years, recent travels, and volunteering activities.  

  1944 The Class of 1944 celebrated their 68-year reunion on September 24, 2012 with a luncheon at Harwood Place in Wauwatosa. Fifteen members of the class attended together with several spouses and friends. After a delicious lunch, we heard several redings and also humorous accounts of high school stories. To conclude our gathering we sang “God Be with You ‘Till We Meet Again.”  
    1945 The Lutheran High School Class of 1945 celebrated their 64-year reunion at Silver Spring Country Club on September 10, 2010.  There were 32 classmates and 16 guests in attendance.  Everyone enjoyed catching up with classmates and friends.  Their 65-year reunion will be held on September 9, 2011.

    1946 The Class of 1946 celebrated their 66-year reunion on Friday, September 7, 2012 at the Silver Spring Country Club. There were 30 classmates who attended and enjoyed a wonderful lunch and had fun catching up on old times. Save the date of September 6, 2013 for the 67-year reunion.  
    1952 Class of 1952 held their 60-year reunion on September 21, 2012 at the Loaf & Jug in Brookfield.  
    1954 The class of 1954 had such a good time last year at their 56th reunion that they will be gathering again on Thursday, June 16, 2011 at North Hills Country Club for their 57-year reunion. Social hour will begin at 11:00 AM with lunch at Noon. Look for your invitation this spring but if you have any questions or do not receive an invitation please contact Ione Minster at 414-481-3892.  
    1955 The Class of 1955 held its 57-year reunion on September 27, 2012 at the Venice Club in Brookfield.  
    1960 1960 reunion On September 28, 2010 the class of 1960 held their reunion at The Thunder Bay Grille in Pewaukee, WI.  The evening was a huge success, everyone was very complimentary, and the staff at Thunder Bay was wonderful.

Registration started at 5:00pm, giving us a couple of hours for socializing before a wonderful buffet dinner which had many choices and was delicious.  There were 77 classmates in attendance and 44 guests which made the dining room very conducive to mingling.  We asked each classmate to stand and identify themselves prior to finishing dinner, so that everyone was recognizable to their fellow classmates after 50 years.Thank you to Nancy Raabe of the WLHS Mission Advancement Office for sending the beautiful candy bouquet for our centerpiece.

    1962 The 50-year reunion of the Class of 1962 wa held on August 24, 2012 at the Best Western in Brookfield.  
    1969, 1970, & 1971 The “End of the Sixties” was the theme of the evening for the classes of 1969, 1970, and 1971 as over 200 classmates and guests celebrated their respective anniversary reunions on October 2, 2010 at the Country Springs Hotel in Pewaukee, WI. Everyone also enjoyed a late Sixties memorabilia table which included an album cover of Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”, the 1968 Little Ten Conference championship football signed by all the players, and Cindy Cox’s band marching boots. A website has been created where classmates from all over the country can send in pictures, give family and career updates, and share stories. Go to Lutheran-1969-1971.  
    1975 The Class of 1975 celebrated their 35-year reunion on August 7, 2010 at The Thunder Bay Grille in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.  There were over 70 classmates and friends present at the event.  Everyone enjoyed a delicious dinner and good conversation catching up with old friends and classmates.  A special thanks to the reunion committee, Jim Brenner (chairman), Jeff Scheibe, Dean Schneider, Vicky Alf, Kurt Nygaard, Janis Krawczyk-Grensinger, and Scott George for organizing the event.

    1976 1976 reunionThe 35-year reunion of the Class of 1976 was held on Saturday, July 16, 2011 at Thunder Bay Grille in Pewaukee, WI. It was a night for rekindling friendships and getting caught up with each other’s lives. There were 57 in attendance along with Pastor Ken Fisher who gave a brief overview of what’s going on at WLHS. We enjoyed meeting Pastor Fisher and appreciate him taking the time to celebrate with us. It was a casual evening that lent itself plenty of time to talk and reminisce about our old school days. We’ve agreed to do the 40-year reunion in 2016 but no one is in a hurry to get there! Thanks to everyone who attended! Hope to see you all in 2016!  
    1980 The theme of the evening was “Capture the Moment” and that we did! The Class of 1980 held their 30-year reunion on October 23, 2010 at the Ironwood Golf Course in Sussex, WI.  Thirteen people went on the Wisco tour earlier in the afternoon and were in awe of the changes since we were in high school.  There were 65 classmates and spouses in attendance for the evening and Pastor Snowden Gene Sims emceed the evening program, entertaining us with his singing and guitar playing.

He asked questions regarding facts from our high school years. Those with correct answers were lucky enough to take home a coveted bottle of Boones Farm wine. Many classmates brought items to put in a time capsule, including a memoir book with comments from individuals in attendance.  We hope to open this time capsule at our 50th class reunion. It was a fun-filled evening with friends getting reacquainted and catching up with one another’s lives. Everyone was having such a good time talking and laughing that the party continued after hours at the Trysting Place and the Gasthaus.

Continue to stay in touch with your 1980 classmates on – by state, city, school, and class year. Remember to update your information at the Mission Advancement Office at WLHS and our website so we can be in touch for the next reunion.

    1990 1990 reunionThe Class of 1990 celebrated at Zim’s in downtown Milwaukee on August 14, 2010.  There were over 85 classmates in attendance.  We enjoyed a photo PowerPoint by Kurt Nowak and a memorial song written by Dough Schoeneck dedicated to classmates Vicki Schneider and Rachel Mika Rapp Bump.  A wrapped canvass artwork was revealed and will be gifted to WLHS. (pictured are reunion committee leaders Mark Werner, Marc Messinger, Jeff Tredo, Kristina Adrian Eckert, and Heather Brenn Albrecht).

    2000 Class of 2000 celebrated their 10-year reunion on July 4, 2010 at Bar Louie in downtown Milwaukee.  Over 50 people gathered to catch up with their classmates.