Traditionally class officers initiate the planning process of WLHS reunions, although any eager classmate may make the first move. He or she may request a reunion kit from Cindy Kucera at WLHS to learn more about reunion planning.
Most reunion committees allow one year for planning. Informal gatherings require less preparation. Talk to former classmates and ask for their help. In addition, a short notice may be printed in the Contact magazine to generate reunion committee members.
Once the committee members have been determined, a planning meeting should be held to brainstorm ideas and develop an initial plan. Continue meeting with the group on a regular basis until the date of your event.   
A reunion coordinator should be chosen to serve as the contact person for the class.  As plans are confirmed, please contact Cindy Kucera at WLHS so we may update your reunion information on the website and in the Contact magazine.    
The reunion committee is responsible for printing and mailing reunion invitations and reminder notices. Consider sending an initial “save the date” postcard or email approximately nine months prior to the date. Also, consider setting up a class reunion website. To get a class list contact Cindy Kucera at WLHS for a listing of your classmates and their current contact information. Mailing labels are also available upon request.
Most reunion committees include food, invitation, mailing, and miscellaneous expenses (i.e., entertainment, decorations, etc.) in the “ticket” price for the event.  A checking account should be established for reunion income to be deposited and expenses paid. As part of your reunion, you can include a tour of WLHS.
After the reunion, share a reunion summary (a short paragraph) and up to three photos from your event. This information may be emailed to Cindy Kucera or mailed to WLHS. Please send promptly (within six weeks of the event) so we may create a Reunion Recap newsletter for your classmates and mail shortly after your event.
Don’t see your reunion here?  Chances are your class needs a few people to form a reunion committee to get one started.
  1956 1956 The Class of 1956 will be celebrating their 60th anniversary of their graduation in 2016. Plans are beginning for this “special” occasion! Watch your mail for ucoming information and if you would like to help, please contact Cindy Kucera at

The following classes have anniversaries in 2015, if interested in celebrating these reunions, please contact Cindy Kucera at :

5 year - 2010
10 year - 2005

15 year - 2000
20 year - 1995
25 year - 1990
30 year - 1985
35 year - 1980
40 year - 1975
45 year - 1970
50 year - 1965
55 year - 1960
60 year - 1955
65 year - 1950
70 year - 1945


  1945 1945 The Class of 1945 celebrated their 69-year reunion at the Silver Spring Country Club on June 29, 2014. Of special significance was the fact that Delores (Seevers) Werner attended her very first class reunion. The class will be holding their 70-year reunion in 2015.
    1946 1946 The Class of 1946 celebrated their 68th anniversary of their high school graduation on September 5, 2014 at Alioto’s Restaurant in Wauwatosa, WI. The reunion included special guests Rev. Nathan Lewis of Milwaukee Lutheran High School and Mr. James Johnson of Wisconsin Lutheran High School.  

  1954 1954 The Class of 1954 celebrated their 60th anniversary of their high school graduation on June 12, 2014 at North Hills Country Club. The days events included participation in a mixer that revealed surprising information acount class members. The class continued their celebration on June 13, 2014 with an Edelweiss sightseeing boat cruise on the Milwaukee River in the Milwaukee harbor and a fish fry at The Italian Community Center that evening. SAVE THE DATE of June 11, 2015 for a “just lunch” reunion.